The African Internet landscape is about to get a dramatic makeover!

The ZA Central Registry, in association with regional governments, NGOs and the private sector, will soon be releasing four uniquely African geographic Top Level Domains, or geo TLDs, including:

* The 3 Major South African City TLDs .Joburg, .CapeTown, .Durban; and
* The much anticipated, continent wide, .Africa.

The ZACR has a Special Launch Program. If you have rights in a name, you should start the application for a domain in any of these new TLDs during the launch, with MVS or TMCH. Watch the launch video to see how this process works.

The ZACR, ZADNA and the Department of Communications, share a collective vision of establishing and running a successful dotCapeTown registry operation for the benefit and pride of those who identify themselves with the city of Cape Town.


Can identify with the city and set their roots in the Cape Town digital space.


Only Accredited Registrars will be able to offer .CapeTown domain names.


Why should you have a .CapeTown domain name? See the Value Proposition for more info.


Reserved Name List for the City

The city will have the opportunity to establish its own online brand identity using the .CapeTown TLD as a foundation, e.g.,,, etc.

Brand Building

This is an opportunity for brands that are based in Cape Town to identify with the city and to set their roots in the Cape Town digital space.

Facilitate Growth

Cape Town based communities can showcase their commitment to local growth and change, e.g.,, etc

International competitiveness

Major cities all over the world are developing and promoting their brands in an attempt to compete as a tourist, event or investment destination.

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